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Most important fixes for this edition:

Systems etc:
- backpacks save their positions and do not reset after a crash
- bug with showing hunger despite being full has been fixed
- correct retarget chances
- auto loot collects items from all bodies on the stack (up to 10)
- monsters can respawn in slightly random positions
- you can turn off the display of spells and potions by unchecking "Show Potion Sound Effects"
- slight offline train slowdown
- hp and mana regenerate in the bed
- removed function causing a kick from the house without sending items
- fixed Stash Container script
- added team finder support

- missing translations for npcs and various systems added on a English (~90% done)
- revision of all quests and overlapping stages
- added lever to footbal court under depot
- 200+ walks 2 tiles away
- possibility to buy diamond arrows and spectral bolts from npc (60 / 45gp)
- added missing random item chests
- after completing the task, you do not have to go back to npc to kill the boss
- for the first time task gives 30% more xp
- its possible to get Golden Outfit, Makeshift Warrior and Battle Mage
- its possible to create Shimmer Items
- Konmuld gives Yalaharian outfit for completing the quest
- added Mawhawk respawn system on Praga
- possibility to fight Prison Bosses
- Pinata Dragon and Supply Dragon added
- Costume Bags functionality
- Silver Raid Token drop from most monsters in raids
- remake of the task point system
- revision of the attack and loot of monsters from Feiryst, Issavi and many other

Added exp places:
- island with Cobras (Vizier, Scout, Assassin)
- True Asuri
- Diremaws and Deepworms
- swamp frazzles changed to Ogres (Rowdy, Ruffian, Sage)

- reduction of xp loss for unfair fight reduced from 80 to 65%
- maximum xp prey boost reduced from 40 to 30%
- reduced xp from boosted creatures from x2 to x1.5
- reduced prices of charms (20- 50% cheaper)
- 10% boost of rp's got removed

- updated server rules
- fixed mailer
- fixed guild descriptions
- fixed removing of guild ranks

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